E-Commerce Manager

We're looking for a dynamic and experienced E-Commerce Manager to drive our digital retail strategy to new heights.

Job Title :  E-Commerce Manager

Department : Digital Operations

Location : London

Job Type : Permanent - Full Time


Role Overview:

+ Spearhead the development and implementation of our e-commerce strategy for optimal customer experience.

+ Manage the day-to-day operations of our online store, ensuring seamless transactions and customer satisfaction.

+ Collaborate with the marketing team to create and execute campaigns that drive traffic and increase conversions.

+ Monitor and analyze e-commerce performance metrics, providing insights and recommendations for improvement.

+ Oversee product listings, ensuring accurate and compelling content that showcases our brand.

+ Implement and optimize the use of e-commerce tools and technologies.

+ Lead initiatives to enhance the user interface and overall design of our online store.

+ Stay abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies to keep our e-commerce platform cutting-edge.

+ Manage relationships with third-party vendors, ensuring smooth integration and support.

+ Continuously seek opportunities for growth and revenue enhancement in the online retail space.



+ Bachelor's degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field.

+ Proven experience as an E-Commerce Manager or in a similar role.

+ In-depth knowledge of online marketing, SEO, and web analytics.

+ Familiarity with e-commerce platforms and content management systems.

+ Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

+ Excellent organizational and project management abilities.

+ Proficiency in data interpretation and trend analysis.

+ Solid understanding of customer journey mapping.

+ Effective communication and collaboration skills.

+ A passion for staying ahead in the dynamic landscape of e-commerce.


What You'll Get:

Competitive remuneration package.

Brand and retail perks.


How to Apply: 

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to info@athleticforces.com.